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How to pick a really productive Virtual Data Room

This is not a secret that nowadays, there is the broad variety of ventures. Frankly speaking, the majority of them are quite simple and diverse undertakings tell that it is a problem to choose the Virtual Data Room which can give something more than keeping paper trail. That is why we called the shots to tell you which details to focus your attention on in order to pick the worthwhile Due Diligence room and make a sound decision.

  • Upon condition that you enjoy plenty of free time, you can find the complicated Electronic Data Room with the manifold of tools. On the other hand, when you would like to start your work at a rate of knots, we suppose that you are to select a simple Online Deal Room where everything is easy.
  • What you need to enjoy in your Online Deal Room is a total control. The opportunity to control the activities of users in the Electronic Data Room will be helpful for you. You also are abound to control the movement of your archives on other computers.
  • Do not turn attention to madly expensive Electronic Repositories which offer you nothing but the same good points as other Due Diligence rooms do. On circumstances that you compare all the online services, you will find out that their pros are similar but their pricing policy is different.
  • Upon condition that you decide on the Virtual Data Room, it is preferable to wonder where your documentation will be stored. We advise you to give preference to the Deal Rooms which keep the documentation on different file servers. Furthermore, on the assumption that you need the Online Deal Room for such serious orbits as the investment banking or the legal studies, if you are going to close the M&A bargains with its help etc, you must be very demanding to the confidentiality of the Virtual Platform. Among the most crucial safety features, you have to find the authentication, the polygraph examination, data at rest encryption etceteras. It will be wonderful if your Online Deal Room makes use of the modern antiviral programs.
  • It is self-understood that every Digital Data Room suggests you the customer support in our time. Nobody will argue that not all of them are day-and-night and you know that it is preferable to decide on the Secure Online Data Rooms with the overnight client support. But the problem is that not every customer service is ready to help. Hence, it is desirable to check them. You could tell them that you face some problems, we offer you to pretend that you do not know anything and to irritate them. That is why you will see if the professional support of this or that VDR is client-orienting and effective enough. It is highly important for you and your business partners.
  • Do you collaborate with thousands of depositors and they like differing file formats? Do your customers come from other commonwealths? Do your partners work with manifold operating systems and devices? If it is so, you are to select the Deal Rooms what are data rooms which are able to convert the info to broad-ranging file formats. What is more, you should better pay heed to the multilingual recognition and machine translation system. Finally, the Virtual Repository should be compatible with the great selection of gadgets, such as laptops, iPads, cellular phones and so on and so forth. It will be great if it deals both with Windows and IOS.

We can say that it is not complicated to pick the repositories on circumstances that you know what things you want to get from it. First and foremost, you must get acquainted with the odds of the Digital Data Rooms in general and after it to turn to choosing your very virtual services.

News and Updates

  • Obtained ISO 9000:2008 certification on 13 Aug 2014.

  • Commenced operations at Arvind Mills, Santej on 15 June 2014.

  • Commenced Mobile Patrolling of Reliance 4 G towers with effect from 15 Mar 2015.

  • Commenced operations at K B Ispat, Bhavnagar with effect from 07 Sept 2015.

  • Deployed guards at Polyon Textiles, Santej, a unit of Arvind group with effect from08 Sept 2015.

  • Deployed guards for Voltas Ltd at their Civil Hospital works at Asharwa on 21 Oct 2015.

  • Commenced operations at Ankur Textiles Raipur Darwaja with deployment of 15 guards with effect from21 Oct 2015.

  • Our guards strength at Arvind Mills, Santej increased from 40 to 70.

  • Two of our guards deployed at Arvind Mills namely Ranjit Prasad and Vishal Shahi awarded for meritorious services on the occasion of Republic Day 2016.

Certificates & Licences

  • License to engage in the business of Private Security Agency bearing No 1112764/Ahmedabad dated 19 Dec 2011 issued by Controlling Authority & Inspector General of Police (Law & Order), Gujarat State, Gandhinagar.

  • Certificate of Registration (Form C) under Mumbai Shops & Establishment Act 1948 bearing Number: PII/MOT/01/0000017 date 06/04/2009 issued by Deputy Municipal Commissioner, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Shops & Establishment Department, Ahmedabad-380001.

  • PAN No.-ADLPS4688L in the name of Proprietor of Dolphin Security and Services.

  • Service Tax registration under Section 69 of the Finance Act 1994 (32 of 1994) bearing Service Tax Code (Registration Number) ADLPS4688LST001 dated 10 August, 2009, issued by The Central Excise Officer, Suptd., Range-VII, Div-II, O/O Deputy Commissioner of Service Tax, Ambawadi, Ahmedabad

  • ESIC Registration Number 37001022880001018 dated 31 Oct 2012 issued by Assistant Director, Employees State Insurance Corporation, Ashram Road, Ahmedabad.

  • EPF Registration Number GJ/AHD/55413 dated 22 August 2009 issued by O/O Regional Provident Fund Commissioner, Regional Office, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Ahmedabad.

  • Professional Tax Registration Certificate Number PRC015510034

  • ISO 9001:2008 issued by JAS-ANZ

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